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Green Desert

Water, water everywhere?

At all of our races we will provide you with water, just not in the bottled form. All of our aid stations will be stocked with large water barrels & containers of HEED (an excellent Hammer Nutrition product) .  Simply BYOB - bring your own water bottle- and you are good to go!

By not contributing to the bottled water problem and additionally by using our leftover water from our races on plants and trees, we try to ensure no waste of water. The desert is an environment where every drop of water counts!


Desert Green

Everyday each of us have an opportunity to choose products and actions that will help our planet and impact the environment in a positive way.  Our goal right from the creation of our 2010 Desert Dash series has been to offer green events, make good environmental choices in our business practices which we can pass on to you and just try to do the best we can each day.  Here are some of the things we are doing and where we will continue to grow!

Paper reduction

Though it may seem like something so small, paper reduction is a huge part of our business.  All our race registrations are online and waivers as well.  At our races whatever paper is used for timing or information purposes is recycled after the race and all our business communication is done on the computer and over the internet.  We only print out what is absolutely necessary.

Decreasing carbon emissions

We can accomplish this goal in a few ways.  First, we encourage you if you to carpool if you can.  Also, we will have packet pickup prior to the race but, if you want to save making a trip we are more than happy to have you pick up your packet on race day.  One less trip in the car means fewer emissions.  It is nothing big or radical but this small step makes a difference!


Reducing garbage from gels

Most athletes like to use some form of gel during their long distance events.  A quick squeeze of the little pouch and you have an instant 100 calorie or so boost. However, these little wrappers can add up to a lot of waste.  To reduce this waste, we have a great solution!  As a one of our other gifts to you, which helps you, us and Mother Nature, we will provide everyone a one time, Welcome to the Desert Dash family Hammer Gel flask.  Now, you may ask...what will I fill it with?  You pick!  We will have a variety of flavors of Hammer Gels at the races, or fill your flask up at home with your favorite gel and bring it along.  It is a simple way for us to reduce waste.  We all love this great backyard we have to play in, so thank you for respecting it and keeping it clean!

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