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2015: A Year in Review

by Rob Erekson, Race Director on January 15, 2016

As we close out 2015 and move on to 2016 we want to take a step back and look at what went right in the past year as well as where we misstepped. Let's first talk talk about what we did wrong in 2015 and how we're avoiding those same mistakes in the coming year.

The obvious missteps for us in 2015 were the cancellation of Trails of Fury in May and the constantly shifting/eventually cancelled Dirty Vert. So what happened that caused not only our first ever race cancellation, but also our second in the same calendar year? For Trails of Fury we simply waited too long to submit our permit to the BLM. We waited beyond the recommended deadline to submit the permit and with the BLM being short staffed, we paid for it. Luckily we hadn't opened registration for the event without a permit in hand but we've learned our lesson. For 2016 all of our permits are already approved or submitted and in review, including a 5-year permit for Trails of Fury that will prevent this issue from happening again.

The Dirty Vert was a casualty of moving Henderson Trail Classic (now known as Beginner's Luck) to the spring for cooler weather. What we hoped would be a simple date swap was complicated by tight scheduling in Bootleg Canyon with other running, obstacle course, and biking events leading to an inability to find an available Saturday in the fall to accommodate the race. We have now moved The Dirty Vert back to its original month of April and have a date set of April 30th. We've also made it better than ever, first by changing the format from a morning/night Dirty Double to a 4-hour block from 10am to 2pm. With the change from a morning/night schedule to a single 4-hour block we've discontinued the Dirty Double as part of The Dirty Vert and all participants wanting to run and ride the ziplines more than once will now be part of the race for the Lumberjack Trophy. We've also added a Lumberjill Trophy for the female runner that completes the most runs and rides during the event!

Luckily we had a lot more successes to help balance out the issues with Trails of Fury and The Dirty Vert. Among them we had sellouts at Blood, Sweat & Beers and Trails of Glory both for the second straight year! For 2016 we'll be raising our limit from 500 to 750 runners for Blood, Sweat & Beers, but still expect entries to get tight in mid February. For Trails of Glory however, we're at our permit limit of 450 runners, so keep an eye out for registration to open in March or April of this year if you want in. These two races also saw the debut of The Trailogy, a unique 3-person relay only found at Desert Dash events where the Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K (or 12K and 8K) are run back-to-back-to-back. We have prizes for the top 3 overall teams as well as the top all male and all female teams, and all finishers receive a Trailogy medal in addition to the finisher medal for the race. For 2016 Trails of Fury will also be a Trailogy event.

We expanded our presence in the Las Vegas community as well as our official staff by bringing on first Lisa Diamond and then Joshua Eddy as Assistant Race Directors. They both bring a lot to the table and we're excited to have them with us! Also new for 2015 was the creation of our first ambassador program, dubbed the Trail Junkies. Our initial Trail Junkies were Aaron Hastings, Kara Nassoiy, Kaylee Griffin, Rich Frank, and Joshua Eddy (before he joined us on staff). For 2016 we're welcoming back Aaron, Kara, Kaylee, and Rich as well as adding Christopher Faulkner, Maia Detmer, Rebecca Thomas, and Stephen Massey to the crew. You'll likely see them getting some trail around town in addition to organizing and joining group runs.

One of the things we're most excited about from 2015 was the growth of our Facebook group, which has quickly become the definitive hub for the trail running community in the Las Vegas valley with over 1150 members and growing rapidly. If you haven't yet joined the group, visit us and see what you're missing out on!

So what do we have in store for 2016? Only our most ambitious year of races yet! In addition to bringing back Trails of Fury and The Dirty Vert we're adding our Dirty Dozen, a 12-hour overnight trail relay taking place at Spicer Ranch in Beatty, NV on July 30, 2016. With 6-person and 3-person teams and the option to run solo, the event will be from 7pm until 7am with the winners being the team/individual to log the most combined mileage after the full twelve hours, rotating between 4 marked routes ranging from 3 to 8 miles. The addition of Dirty Dozen gives. us our largest, most complete race schedule to date.

We look forward to having you join us in 2016 to get some trail on the best trail systems in Las Vegas.