Crazier Than Thou

Crazier Than Thou was originally conceived as “Barefoot Brothers” with Rob and Ryan plus their younger brother Dalyn enjoying barefoot and minimalist running.

In February of 2012 it evolved into the current iteration as "Crazier Than Thou", adding our older brother Scott and shifting the focus to trail running and obstacle course races, particularly Tough Mudder and Spartan Race. Prior to purchasing Desert Dash, offered race reports on the trail and mud races we participated in, gear reviews, and tips and tricks on running and obstacle races.

With most of our focus now on Desert Dash, we keep the Crazier Than Thou name alive as the team name for our organized entries into events we enjoy participating in around the west coast. We regularly take part in most Tough Mudder and Spartan Race events anywhere near Nevada, as well as almost any obstacle race in Las Vegas itself.

As a team, we wear matching orange Crazier Than Thou shirts ($15 each), running at our own paces between obstacles and regrouping before conquering each obstacle as a team.

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