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March 30th, 2024

The 2024 Race Guide is changing daily. For the most up to date information, please keep referring back to this document for any changes.


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Mar 30th 2024

  50k | 25k | Half | 10k | 5k 

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For just $5 bucks added to your registration fee, Limitless will hook you up with some post race recovery. 


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The Bootlegger 25k/50k, as most trail runners know it, started as a foot race first organized by Josh Brimhall, Shad Mickleberry, and Ian Torrance in 2011. However, Bootleg Canyon has a rich and interesting history. Originally a Native American trail, Bootleg Canyon received its namesake from the Bootleggers who creeped along this backdoor access point to distill "hooch" in the stills and arroyos before transporting the alcohol into the dry town of Boulder City and eventually to the workers at the dam on the Colorado River. 

Bootlegger will once again be a USATF 

sanctioned event this year! 

Come out and run the Hooch Highway with us!

We're super stoked to keep the history of our trail running scene alive & kicking in 2021. We're proud to continue our partnership with Red Rock Running Company, now under new management, to bring you this fast & fun ultra running event in Boulder City. We hope you'll join us for blue skies and cool breezes this November as we run by the arroyos and stills that remind us of the illicit desert dwellers who once trekked these canyons. Battle born and resilient souls live on in this arid landscape of sharp rock and creosote bush. Coyotes yelp in the distance while rattle snakes take cover for the winter; big horn sheep stand stoically atop the rugged cliffs as you take a moment to forget about the stresses of daily life and accept this moment in all its opulent glory.

Finishing Runner.jpg

Thanks to Josh and Ian for helping us keep this alive! A special thanks to all the volunteers and partners who make these events possible! 


The original Bootlegger logo

Race Day 


Race Start & cutoff

Course Location & Aid Stations

Course Map.png

The Bootlegger course will follow the original route from 2011 when the race was organized by Josh Brimhall and Ian Torrance. Bootlegger was originally a USATF Championship race and we hope to get it back on that circuit in 2021! 

Check out all the details of the course profile below

Bootlegger 50k Elevation Profile.png

25k & 50k Course 

The 25k is a roughly 15 mile course that travels counter clockwise around the entirety of Bootleg Canyon. You should expect to climb 2200' over those 15 miles. The terrain is sharp and rugged; you should expect to be fully exposed to weather conditions while on course. 

The 50k is two loops of the 25k course and is roughly 31 miles. You should expect to climb about 4400' over rugged trails and full exposure to weather conditions. 

We expect the weather will be very comfortable for most of the day. You might bring a jacket just in case!

5k | 10k | Half Course

The 5k course is the same course from Blood, Sweat, and Beers. The course will take runners up Girl Scout and down East Leg.

The 10k course is the same course from Blood, Sweat, and Beers. The course will take runners up the switchbacks of Red Canyon

then around Skyline and down East Leg.  

The Half is the same course from Blood, Sweet, and Beers. The course follows much of the 10k course, but also includes a tour of the west side trails!  

Aid Stations

The aid stations at Bootleg will be stocked full of the standard aid station fare; much of it will be prepackaged and served individually to participants. Water and GU hydration mix will be served to you from a pitcher. We ask that you please refrain from accessing the aid station area yourself. 

Aid stations will be placed no more than 5 miles apart! 

Bootlegger_50K_2011 741.jpg
  • Start/Finish - This aid station will be located near the start/finish area. The 25k will not see this aid station but the 50k will have access before starting their 2nd loop at mile 15.5. Cutoff time 12:00pm - 5 hours

  • Red Mountain - The Red Mountain aid station will be located in the mid parking lot on Bootleg Canyon Rd just after Skyline trail. Runners should expect to hit this aid station at miles 4, for both 25k and 50k, and mile 20 for the 50k runners. This aid station will be packed with all the goods to keep you going. Cutoff time 1:00pm - 6 hours

  • Mother - The Mother aid station will be located deep in the canyon on the backside of the course. You will be pleasantly surprised when you run into this one! 25k and 50k runners will hit this aid station at mile 9. 50k runners will see this aid station again at mile 25. Cutoff time 2:25pm - 7.25 hours

  • Veteran - This aid station will be located just before the end of the course at mile 14.5 & mile 29.5. We'll have small snacks along with water and hydration mix at this aid station. Cutoff time 3:45pm - 8.75 hours

Final Cutoff 50k - is 5:00pm - 10 hours

Final Cutoff 25k - is 1:00pm - 6 hours

No Cutoffs for the 5k, 10k, or Half

Cutoff times are based off a 17.5 min to 18 min overall pace

Race Location 

Race Location map.png

Bootlegger is held at the Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park in Boulder City, NV. From downtown Las Vegas you will follow US95 and exit at Boulder City. From the exit you will follow US-93 to Yucca Street (Taco Bell on the corner). You will make a left here and travel over the railroad tracks before making a right on Industrial Rd. Follow Industrial to Canyon Rd and make a left. You will now follow the event signs to the parking lot. 

But why would you read all that when you can follow the map? 

Link to event parking here - 

Race Swag

Bootlegger swag.jpg

Runners can look forward to - 

  • A race shirt

  • A pint glass in lieu of medal

  • Professional chip time recorded on Ultrasignup 

  • Live tracking on the course

  • Food and hydration 

  • Podium awards for top finishers of each distance

  • Prizes from Red Rock Running for top finishers of each distance

  • Professional photography of you on course

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Everyone knows it's the volunteers who make these events possible! Do you want to help us make Bootlegger a great event? Come volunteer with us! All volunteers will compensated with race credit in exchange for your valuable time: 

  • Aid station volunteer - 10$ bucks an hour in race credit

  • Parking volunteer - 10$ bucks an hour in race credit

  • General Support - 10$ bucks an hour in race credit

  • Sweeper - 10$ bucks an hour in race credit

  • Caboose - $10 bucks an hour in race credit

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